Conversational Commerce, From Intent to Purchase

A talk by Henrik Fabrin and Daniel Nackovski
Certainly and Certainly

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About this talk

Ecommerce can become an integrated experience for brands and customers through Conversational Commerce.

With ecommerce expected to account for 21.8% of global retail sales by 2024, and only 1.9% of ecommerce website visits convert into a purchase, retailers are rushing to accelerate their digital transformation and deliver seamless online experiences for their customers.

But how to go about doing this? And how can you, as an ambitious retailer, ensure you are understanding your customers to achieve long-term success?

In this session we will not only show how conversational commerce can enhance user experiences, optimise customer service, and strengthen online sales, but outline how it improves:

  • Data collection
  • Product recommendation
  • Checkout & payment
  • Ticket deflection
  • Customer insights
  • Return rates

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Henrik Fabrin

Certainly is a Conversational AI Platform made for ecommerce and customer service. Through our next-generation technology, companies are able to deliver exceptional experiences and scale their growth. Insights from zero-party data from conversations with visitors ensure fewer product returns, lower cart abandonment and higher customer lifetime value.

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